Angel Candidate (#3)

A priest walks into a fallen angel’s office.

He brings an offer I cannot refuse.

A priest contracts me, Lucas, to find a traitor within the Vatican Inquisition and to capture a rogue warlock that the traitor set free.

The catch is that I have to work in another man’s body under his identity. Unlike me, that man has no combat experience, no weapon proficiency, no martial arts training, and cannot use magic.

As Paul Simmons, I am put into a squad with a veteran sergeant, an elite marine, inquisition’s decorated heroine, and twin witches whom I met in prison. One of these five people is the traitor.

And all of them know that, so while I investigate them, they investigate me.

Together, we hunt the rogue warlock that the traitor set free. And things go horribly wrong.

The warlock was supposed to be alone and on the run. But he is ready to fight with an army of mercenaries, a seemingly infinite budget, powerful artifacts, and a serum that can turn humans into demons.

On top of that, my commanding officer is my former partner, Katherine, who seeks an excuse to have me fired.

But I never fail a contract.

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