Nightmare Plague (Prequel #1)

Many paths lead to Hell. To earn money for my little sister’s treatment, I walk one of them.

Murderous nightmares ravage New York. And I, Lucas, am on the case. Yet the investigation leads nowhere and the Church pays little, which wouldn’t be a problem if my little sister weren’t sick. My family lacks the money to fund her treatment, so I have to earn that first. To help my sister, I agree to catch a rogue witch for a criminal syndicate. For two hundred thousand dollars, I don’t ask questions.
And I should have. The killer nightmares create the perfect smokescreen for the supernatural world’s monsters. Vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, a Hindu sect that is trying to resurrect their ancient Gods, the Vatican Inquisition, and even the Devil herself all take advantage of the chaos. On top of that, the rogue witch, being her magnificent self, binds me to help her escape instead of capturing her. And the Church forces me to help them solve the nightmare plague anyway.
But what wouldn’t I do for my little sister?


Free chapters:
Nightmare Plague – Chapter 1


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