Lucifer Unchained (#4)

What would you do to save your lover?

And what if you had a nuclear bomb?

Evelyn was kidnapped and is being held in the Middle East. And I, Lucas, am going to rescue her.

She is held in Ubar, the Atlantis of the Sands, a city that officially doesn’t exist. That suits me perfectly because I am not coming in peace.

Though things don’t go great as the first thing I do is that I accidentally give a ten years old girl my angelic blessing. I name her Lillith and have to take her with me.

That’s a problem since I cannot allow her to become a fallen angel like I am. To avoid that, I balance rescuing Evelyn with raising the young girl, all the while I conceal who I am, what I do, and hide the carnage I leave behind.

Yet Ubar’s defenses are endless. Worse, the ruling Sultan is borderline immortal and has entirely different plans for Evelyn.

To convince him to let her go, I get myself a nuclear bomb.

I would rather start a world war than give up on her.

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