RnA 5 – Annihilation


Okay, so this movie is weird. And by weird, I mean seriously fucked up. The visuals are great, sure, but that’s about it. First of all, it sells itself as a sci-fi, but the sci part is missing as the actual core of the plot is pretty much pure magic (no, splicing DNA between humans/animals and plants does not produce anything). Hell, the shimmer is bullshit even by the standards of magic because it affects different things differently for absolutely no reason other than the plot requiring it. And did I mention the splicing, which is supposed to be random, happens to make animals bigger and scarier while it kills humans for absolutely no reason? I guess I did now.

From the rest, the cast is boring and puppet-ish, as the motivations of the other character than the main one are strange at best, the means the story happens is forced (Why don’t they send drones there? Why don’t go for enter-record-exit strategy with longer trips each time? Why don’t they send multiple teams at once through different points of entry?). Because the plot needs it, that’s why.

To add salt to the injury, the resolution of the plot is a pile of horseshit. The worst part is that the ending is understandable, because when the “villain” is defined as a pile of illogical mess, the resolution cannot make sense.

God, this was awful – 2.14 out of 10 and one point out of the two is for the bear scene.

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