New Release – Divine Fraud

DF Final 1v0


Japanese Gods robbed the Devil.

She sends a fallen angel to clean them up.

Yakuza has moved into New York, and soon afterward, the Devil gets robbed. She immediately hires me, Lucas, to catch the thief and to retrieve what she considers hers.

She gives me three days. That isn’t a lot of time, especially when the fallen angel who’s invading my soul wakes. He wants me to murder someone so our souls would merge.

But I refuse to let him be reborn as me.

I pursue the thieves through New York’s underworld. There, I become both hunter and prey as Vivian, a former vampire queen, craves what I’m unwilling to give her. Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Supernatural Investigation wants to arrest me for crimes I didn’t commit.

And then my lover disappears.


Available on Amazon and for free on Kindle Unlimited:

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