RnA 8 – Deadpool 2


I loved Deadpool one. I really did. And damn, Deadpool 2 made me wish I had the memory erasing stick from Men in Black because the movie is that boring. For real, who thought it was a good idea to base a Deadpool movie on suicidal thoughts and personal tragedy? A movie needs to be either a tragedy or a comedy, this tries to be both and fails miserably, because she sad parts can’t be taken seriously with all the joking around but, at the same time, they make the funny parts less funny.

What saves the movie to me is Cable, who’s actually a good character and somewhat offsets the horseshit that happens in almost every scene, but there’s only so much one character can do. Oh, and did I mention the movie kind of recreates most jokes from the first one? Yeah, it does and adds to that as many politics-oriented jokes as possible.

This movie was boring – 3.74 out of 10.

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