RnA 9 – SW: Solo


I hoped DP2 was as bad as this month got. I was wrong. If this wasn’t a Star Wars movie, it would be a stupid pile of messy coincidences and general stupidity. I don’t know who writes the Star Wars movie scripts for Disney, but this is the third movie in a row where the plot is completely dependant on coincidences. In The Force Awakens, it was fine, because hey, the first movie in a new series can get away with that. But third time in a row is two times too many.

Oh, and I did I mention how stupid the characters are. Han is portrayed as kind of a simpleton, who has borderline zero character growth through the movie. I thought he starts being an idiot to have a character arc and I was wrong, again, because he ends the movie being every bit as ridiculous and stupid as at the start.

And when the plot isn’t fuelled by coincidences, it runs on characters acting against any common sense and logic just so the next scene could happen.

This was so bad words fail me – 0,18 out of 10.

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